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2009-10-16 01:39:11 by Moltov

Ima dino

No more songs

2008-08-22 17:12:59 by Moltov

I am obviously not quitting . I just will probably come out with one song every couple of weeks which is technically like... normal..? but yeah I hope you all enjoy my music.. IDK if you will like my youtube channel but its worth a look =].
-Moltov oWorld
Here's my 200 video special that i submitted to youtube:

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update 7/10/08

2008-07-10 20:56:28 by Moltov

Yeah, im not working on any films atm sorry. I will do songs occaisionally when i feel like it, Im working on some mario rom hacks at the moment. I may resume movies in the future.

If you want to check out what im doing goto : oWorld

Mario bros the wizard spell THREE!

2008-01-25 12:27:57 by Moltov

*update* i am a little bit half way over done YEAH! be on the lookout for it, it will be my best work yet!
*update numero 2, 2/15/08* Yeah im still working on it, alot of tweaking needed to be done, id say about 65-70% done

Music on hold

2007-11-22 21:31:59 by Moltov

Yeah, due to me working on my next flash animation, I won't be coming up with much music... but in a couple months I should have my next flash out, It's based on Star Wars... but its nothing to do with the Skywalkers or anything its based upon what happends in the future of the Skywalkers. The Sith are back and as bad as ever! Be on the lookout >:O.